PLEASE Save the Polar Bears from Climate Change

Polar Bears – Climate Change – Global Warming – Melting Sea Ice. Really? Copenhagen was presented with ‘facts’ about the Polar Bear decline … due to Global Warming. One place of great interest was Baffin Bay, Canada. The PBSG (Polar Bear Specialist Group) promoted the following figures as PROOF Global Warming was causing this catastrophic […]

Save The Polar Bears from Climate Change

2007 – 2 Polar Bears found dead floating in the sea. Proof that Global Warming is making the Polar Bear extinct because the sea ice is melting! Wrong!! The 2 bears from 2007 drowned when researchers shot them with tranquillizers. Steve Pinksen, director of policy with Nunavut’s Environment Department, told CBC News that researchers have […]

You know you’re an Australian if …

1. You know the meaning of the word “girt”. 2. You believe that stubbies can be either drunk or worn. 3. You think it’s normal to have a leader called Kevin. 4. You waddle when you walk due to the 53 expired petrol discount vouchers stuffed in your wallet or purse. 5. You’ve made a […]

Solar or Coal? – 2011

2011 Tony Windsor and others from the government’s multi-party climate change committee, spent time and money researching clean energy facilities and policy-making in Europe, including an inspection of Torresol Energy’s 20 megawatt Gemasolar power station near Seville, Spain. Gemasolar uses 2650 mirrors to concentrate the sun’s rays on to the top of a central ”power tower” […]

Melbourne Flood – 1878

Illustrated Australian News Monday 15th April 1878 THE FLOODS Melbourne has again been visited by a heavy flood. After a period of warm, dry weather, which had caused a repetition of the drought that greeted the incoming of the year and was beginning to give no little anxiety to those engaged in agricultural and squatting […]